Recruitment of [MCGA]MAKE CARRIER GREAT AGAIN(wows NA clan)

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(updated in 2018.03.10)

1, For players who consider to join our clan

Currently, our clan consists of Japanese players who used to play, or are basically playing in SEA server.

We prefer to play carrier division in random, and willing to participate Team Battle/Clan Battle in NA.
We already have enough player to join CB, but we are always looking for new skilled player playing with us.
It offers new approach in tactics and our new trend to our community, thats the reason why we keep recruiting non-Japanese.

We never exclude overseas players at all.
But, just please remind that most of our clan members have difficulties to communicate in English, especially English conversation in voice chat.
So, I think it is better that you can speak and listen a Japanese daily conversation.

kudlak, our commander, and friche_runamihn can speak English somewhat, so we might help your communication with other clan member.
But, remember that they can't give our help always.
And, of course, you have to consider that most of us have time difference.

We reached Typhoon-I in 1st season(37th) and Typhoon-I in 2nd season(59th).
Most of us joined from Japan, so numbers of battle are relatively less than our competitors.
We joined CW, once a week, in every Saturday night(PT/ET).
(It is Sunday morning(09:00-13:00) in Japan )

Now, we are looking for few skilled Battleships or Cruisers players for CB.
Members are basically expected to prepare more than 2 tier10 ships and captain for it.
But, if you are re-roll from other server like us, we accept playing rental-ships for a season.
However, in next season after joining us, you have to have your own tier10 ships and its captain. 

If you have any question, feel free to contact to kudlak.
We are looking forward to playing with you.

Our clan stats is here.



  1. MUST have discord and TS3 app, and able to talk and listen.
    We use discord mainly.
    (If you are disabled, please write that to the massage)
  2. Clarify your ALL IGN(InGameName), include IGN of other servers.
  3. Over WR56% in all terms, AND over WR60% in last 30 days.
  4. Following ships are what we want now.
    PR is Personal Rating in Stats&Numbers, and each rate shows what we expect to applicants.
  5. Basically, we don't accept Carrier-main player now.
    But, if you believe you are finest carrier player in NA, and you have experience of Team Battle or Tournament in strong team, we might accept your application exceptionally.
    [Carrier stats for reference(All-recent-solo/Random)]
    shokaku: WR70%/AvrDmg90000/AvrKill2.0
    taiho: WR70%/AvrDmg120000/AvrKill2.0
    hakuryu: WR70%/AvrDmg120000/AvrKill2.0
    ※If you apply as carrier-main, you must tell us your glorious records and details.
  6. You have the passion to participate Clan Battle/Team Battle, and to improve your skill.

 [How to Apply]

  1. Send an application in-game clan page
  2. At the same time, send a forum massage to kudlak, commander of our clan.
    You must write following 3 things, at least.
    A: Self-introduction
    B: All IGN in this game, if you have other account
    (example: SEA IGN: Col_Dohtonbori, EU IGN: Col_Yodo, RU:none)
    C: What class do you want to play in the Clan Battle/Team Battle mainly (DD/CA/BB/CV)
  3. After looking your stats and your message, we will reply to your application.
  4. If you eager to join us, but your stats does not fulfill our requirement, you can ask us to see your replay.
    Our recruiters assign the ships and number of replay.
    ex: 2 Hindenburg's(each winning and defeated)+1 Moskva's
    To make your replay file, read following page.

  5. When our recruiters can not decide from your stats, we ask you to submit replays as additional requirement.
    Our recruiters assign the ships and number of replay.
  6. If you do not recieve a massage from kudlak, please let us know in our forum page.
    Our forum page is here.

2, For other clan's players in NA

Thanks for reading this article.

All of us eager to communicate with you and to face in the competitive match. So if you guys want, please contact to us.

We are welcome to play clan battle using Training Mode, so if you have any offer, please let know to our chief commander, kudlak, by in-game chat or massage in forum.